What We Do

Savvy Agent Videos is Tucson’s first creative video production firm devoted exclusively to the art of Real Estate videography.

We create dynamic motion pictures at an affordable price point for some of Tucson’s top Real Estate agents and their clientele.

Our all-star team of directors, producers, editors and cinematographers handle projects and properties of nearly all scales. Whether it be a single camera shoot or a multi-camera, multi-crew commercial shoot, we believe in handling all of our projects the same way…..

We make it look better than you ever imagined it could.

Why Video

If you were to go up against 3 other agents in a listing appointment and were able to show the seller a video on your laptop, who do you think the seller would choose to list their home?

Do you think sellers would rather have a floor plan or an HD movie made of their home that they could keep forever…with your name on it?

If you have not seen the latest statistics around video marketing and its impact on businesses then now is your chance to begin. According to Realtor.com and NAR statistics, real estate agents using video are ahead of the curve in every aspect from those who do not. Social Media and the internet is not a new development and video is the most powerful medium an agent can use to connect in todays fast paced societal trends.

What if the investment In a video brought you just 1 more deal because of its appeal? Most agents using video report 1 to 2 extra deals per month!

How many people would click to go to your website if you advertised your video on Facebook? What would happen to your business?


In an era where the status quo of technology is constantly being stretched and redefined, Savvy Agent Videos is committed to living at the forefront of creativity and offering it to our loyal clients at an affordable price point.

Post Production

Savvy Agent Videos post-production team of creative directors & editors, designers, music composers, and audio engineers, deliver a full complement of post production services, including 3D Animation, compositing & after effects.